Friday, August 3, 2012

Feby - The Female Empowerment Bracelet


The Female Empowerment Bracelet

  About Feby

Feby was launched in 2011 to empower women through a sisterhood of awareness and empathy.
Our goal is to help women be more in touch with their bodies and emotions as related to their menstrual cycle. We designed, make and market a handy device called the Female Empowerment Bracelet. This bracelet is made up of 28 wooden beads of different colours in a specific sequence. The user is meant to move the knot of the elastic cord of the bracelet through one bead a day to better understand her probable position in her cycle. You don’t have to wear it, you just have to use it. Feby’s unique colour arrangement acts as a guideline to what you can expect during different phases of your cycle but it is by no means definitive. We are all unique yet we follow a general pattern. The pattern begins with red.