Tuesday, February 26, 2013

To Preschool or not to Preschool...?

How may of you out there did not send your little ones to Preschool?

Am I the only one out there? My eldest went to Preschool for a bit. (He is now in second grade.) But, my youngest has not. He will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall. I'm starting to regret not sending him to Preschool now. He is really active. I mean really active. 

I have a question, though... Why isn't there Preschool in the public school system, like there is Kindergarten. I mean not everyday or anything. But, Why not 3 half days a week? Or something like that? I know all parents out there can necessarily afford to send their kids daycare / preschool. It certainly isn't cheap. 

So, do you think I'm nuts for not sending the little one to Preschool? What kind of advice can you guys give me to prepare him for Kindergarten? Any and all forms of advice are welcome and appreciated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What does MOM stand for?

MOM stands for...
Master of Multi-Tasking
Made of Money (apparently)
Master of Mayhem (lol)
Minions of Mom
Methods of Mayhem
Moment of Madness
Master of Magic
Mean Old Mom
Maker of Man
And then there is this...!


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Say "Hello" to my little friend!

Here she is:

Her name is Daisy. (Isn't she cute?!) We adopted her this weekend from the animal shelter in Everett. She had been there since the beginning of January. I am so surprised that no one had adopted her. Pure bred breeds don't stay there long. But, we are the lucky ones to bring her home! 
She is just over 2 years old. So, you know what that means. She has so much energy!!!
Which might be a little overwhelming for our other rottie, Kaleb. He is closer to 10 years old. They get along but there is definitely some jealousy. - On both parts.
She is a sweetheart and like I said - We are lucky to have her!

Remember - If you can, rescue. They need you the most!

We did it, we found it!

Did what, found what?

Well, I was helping a friend and her family look for a house. And we finally found it. It was perfect. A two story home with 4BR and 3.5 bath. Open floor plan, brand new appliances, marble counter tops, etc. In a family oriented neighborhood, and in a cul-de-sac. For a decent price even...
Lucky, right?! Now all she had to was work out the deal...
So, how did my dear friend not even consider a VA home loan? I mean, if it's available to you wouldn't you take advantage of it? Well, yeah! I would if it were an option for me. VA home loan rates are at an all time low.
So, what are the advantages of a va loan? Let me list a few points for you. This what info I found for my friend.
* No down payment 
* VA loans are not credit score based
* Seller pays all the closing costs (up to 6%)
* No prepayment penalty if you decide to refinance or sell your home later on

These are only some the advantages of obtaining a VA loan. So, if this option is available to you - You must definitely take advantage of the opportunity. 

And yes, I wrote this because of you, FRIEND X! Where would you be without me?!