Thursday, June 14, 2012

Homework is a bitch

Wow. Homework. Hate it. Didn't like when I was in school. Don't like it now. What do I do with a child who won't do his homework? ( I know, what kid likes doing homework?!) I can't get him to answer any questions about his homework. It's the constant "I don't know....." It's almost like he is waiting for me to just give in and just do it for him. Well, that may be just what he's hoping. Too bad. He would rather sit at the table just goofing off and not ask for help. And then he waits for his little brother to start asking me if it's ok if he can play. Then the drama starts. Little brother wants to play. I'm yelling at him (because at this point, I've lost it) to hurry up and finish the damn homework. Damn it, I'm not going to do it for you. If he wants me to do his homework, then I should go back to school. And he can stay home, clean and cook. Am I being a little tough? After all, he is only in 1st grade?
 So, now he's got a homework assignment due tomorrow and were not doing the second half of it until today. And I'm pissed. And he's in his room watching tv. Lord help us all. It's going to be a long evening....