Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's official... (random schitzoid post post)

*Disclaimer - Sorry, this post was originally supposed to be how I felt  about the last day of school. I think it drifted a little. But, hey... I can be a little random. (I guess) I think the thought of having both kids home has got my brained a little scrambled. Oh, well. *

School is out for summer.... Is this a good thing? Maybe for the to be 2nd grader. As a mom, I know going out and getting things done will be a bit tougher. Attempting any type of outing with 2 boys is just plain ridiculous! The arguing and fighting... Oh, and both of them will not fit in those kiddie  carts they have at the grocery store. I can't even put one of them in the seat that is in the grocery cart, I would never get them out. I'm too short. (lol) Even if I could get them out... I am not able to see over them while pushing the cart. Yes, I'm short.