Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Christmas is Coming.... (Sorry, Thanksgiving. I still love you!)

Christmas is coming...

Bah. Humbug! I only say that because I hate the shopping that comes with it. Have you started, yet?
I have. I'm homeschooling this year and shopping will be done mostly online. (Now, if I just had somewhere to put all this stuff!)

What's on your list to buy? What have you bought so far?
So far, I've bought...

2 - Samsung Galaxy Tablet 3 Kids Wi-Fi Tablets from Costco.
These will come in handy and keep the boys from destroying our phones! And on the plus side, there is a timer you can set for using. Not to mention the kids setting and normal setting for when they are older!
 1- HP ENVY Recline 23xt Touchscreen All-In-One Desktop - Intel Core i7 from Costco.
This is a big purchase. But, we think this is justified. Perfect for schoolwork, gaming, etc. Everyone will be able to use this. Plus, it's not a laptop. It will stay in one place. Darn it. That means a desk and chair has been added to the list. By the way, if you're looking for a all-in-one desktop, this one is on sale at Costco for a few more days.

Clothing items from Crazy 8.
I haven't bought from them before. But, they had an awesome sale going on at the time. And they had slim sizes. My oldest is naturally thin and tall. They also had a ton of tees for my youngest. He is on the muscular side and he is hard to shop for. Also, they have another sale going on right now! You should go check it out!
Minecraft and Lego Movie shirts from Kohls. 
Ugh, yes... They are so into Minecraft! (That's another reason the computer comes in handy) And the Lego Movie. Anyhoo, Kohls has tons of related clothing items. And, they always have some sort of promo going. I never shop without some sort of discount!

Now there are still things that they have on their Christmas list.... Jeez. Why does Christmas have to be so expensive? 

They have a few things that they wrote in their practice letters to Santa. Yes, they've started that as well. These are just things we incorporate in homeschool to keep it interesting.
So, tell me... Have you started preparing for the Holiday. Or you waiting until after Thanksgiving?