Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Say "Hello" to my little friend!

Here she is:

Her name is Daisy. (Isn't she cute?!) We adopted her this weekend from the animal shelter in Everett. She had been there since the beginning of January. I am so surprised that no one had adopted her. Pure bred breeds don't stay there long. But, we are the lucky ones to bring her home! 
She is just over 2 years old. So, you know what that means. She has so much energy!!!
Which might be a little overwhelming for our other rottie, Kaleb. He is closer to 10 years old. They get along but there is definitely some jealousy. - On both parts.
She is a sweetheart and like I said - We are lucky to have her!

Remember - If you can, rescue. They need you the most!