Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I love the paper lanterns! I thought they might be a bit flimsy or really thin.
They weren't. They were of high quality. 
We ended up using these in homeschool. My sons decorated them. We painted, glued, you name it. When we were done we hung them up in their room. 
They look so awesome!

Product Description

It's not just about the party, it's about making amazing memories you will cherish long after the guests are gone and tables are cleaned.-Lydia (owner) CHINESE PAPER LANTERNS also called JAPANESE PAPER LANTERNS
Crisp white paper lanterns adds ambiance and style to your wedding. Chinese paper lanterns with lights hanging above a wedding party venue gives a soft-gentle light that will not interfere with photography. Lights not included but our paper lanterns will accommodate them.
Make the paper lantern decorative and elegant by:
-embellishing the surface with crystals
- rhinestones, beads, or curled ribbon
-Add a soft touch with small white feathers around the top of the Chinese paper lantern
-Small silk flowers and butterflies adds a special flair to the paper lanterns for added glamour.
From paper lantern wedding to anniversaries, baby showers to birthday parties, holidays to special occasions, baptisms to graduations, interiors to patios, white Chinese lanterns can transform any party to a festive and unique celebration.
If you like this ideas, we have so many more. Enjoy our free bonus ebook "25 DIY Easy Projects for White Paper Lanterns" Fall/Winter Edition. Let the custom parties begin!

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion.