Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Two Volcanoes Coffee Review

Ok, I admit it... I am a bit of a coffee snob. I am not a Starbuck's fan. 
I love coffee. I used to be a barista. I also at one time, managed a shop.
So, when I get the opportunity to try a coffee bean for review, I'm all over it!
Two Volcanoes Coffee? I had never heard of it. But, I have now. I tried it. 
And? I like it. It has a smooth flavor. And it smells heavenly. The first thing I noticed when I opened the bag was the aroma of the beans. I could eat these beans. (I love eating coffee beans!) I ground enough beans to make a pot. I like it a lot. I'm pretty sure I'll be buying another bag soon!

Check out the link I have provided above to get your own!
And, also check out the info I have provided below.

  • Great Tasting Coffee Guaranteed - Cultivated, processed and packed in origin, all in Guatemala, guarantees the highest quality and best possible taste ever. Packed with a special degassing valve also guarantees you will always receive a fresh product.
  • Experience What High Gourmet Coffee is All About - Finally a gourmet coffee you can taste at home without the price tag of a high end coffee shop. Delight you, your family and friends to a coffee experience like no other. This will be your little secret. Better than Antigua coffee.
  • Quality Like No Other - Coffee beans from one of the top 10 producing countries in the world. From a very specific and exclusive region of Guatemala, San Marcos, right to your own home.
  • Delicious Flavor Mixed With The Smell of Delicate Floral Notes Is An Experience You Don't Want To Miss - Grown organically at the base of Two Volcanoes where rich minerals enhance the flavor and smell of each and every bean of this great coffee. Will make you wonder why you didn't find this coffee before.
  • Great Price Exlusively on Amazon - This coffee would cost you double in other places, but due to a special negotiation with Amazon helps us keep our prices low on this exclusive high end coffee.
I was given this product in exchange for my honest opinion and review